Life in the UK Untangled


Pass the test without the book

From migrants

We passed our Life in the UK tests in 2019. We know what it takes & we put everything we know in this app.

Do not buy the book

Seriously. Don't. All the content you need is baked into the app. What't more, the content is structured to help you memorize it.

Privacy first

We do not want to know who you are. We do not want to help people sell you stuff. We just want you to pass the test.

Sprinkle of science

We have designed the app with spaced repetitions. Questions will repeat until you get them right several times.

A thousand questions

The app has a thousand carefully crafted questions, their answers & detailed write-ups that explain the answers.

Beautiful, slick UI

Most test prep apps in the AppStore give us eye sores. We have worked hard to make this one a joy to use.